General Interest and Statewide Publications



Mineral Collecting

Gold in Vermont, articles dating from 1800s to present which pertain to gold and prospecting in Vermont, 1995, 34 p

Rockhounding in Vermont, VT Agency of Commerce and Community Affairs, 1991, 8 p. LANDOWNER PERMISSION IS REQUIRED

Specimen Collecting in Vermont lists permissions required to collect on public or private lands, 1 p

Grant, RW, 1968, Mineral Collecting in Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Special Publication 3. LANDOWNER PERMISSION IS REQUIRED


Paleontology of the Champlain Valley, C Welby, 1962, VGS Special Publication

A Brief Fossil History of Vermont and The Charlotte Whale, J Howe, 1993

General Geology

The Geology of Vermont, 1996, B. Doolan, Rocks and Minerals Magazine, v 71

Lithotectonic slices,  geologic history, 2011

Generalized Geologic Map of Vermont, 2012

Geology of Vermont, B. Baldwin, 1982, Earth Science, v 35, no 3, 5 p

Report on the Geology of Vermont, Volumes I and II, Hitchcock et al, 1861

Educational Leaflet 1: Earthquakes in Vermont, G Springston and M Gale, 1993, 10 p

Educational Leaflet 2: Geology of Vermont Lands, M Gale and G Anderson, 1998 3 p

Poster about bedrock maps and their uses, VGS 2012


Bibliography of Vermont Geology

The Green Mountain Geologist

US Coast Guard Lake Champlain Depth Charts, 1872-1879

 History of Vermont Geological Surveys and State Geologists, TD Seymour Bassett, 1976, 33 p

Vermont geology postcard, 1970

Topographic Maps - historic maps available at the UNH Library web site

Rocks and Minerals, July/August 1996, Vermont Issue, Heldref Publications

Rocks and Minerals, September/October 1996, Heldref Publications - includes a list of minerals by county