Change Order

  1. Change Order Overview
  2. FED Procedures and Guidelines
  3. Change Order Forms and Publications

Change Order Overview

During the course of the construction process there may be a time when it is necessary to execute a change order to adjust the contract time, scope, and/or value. All of these changes are to be described and justified clearly in the appropriate Change Order Form and additional documentation. Change order requests that are submitted for FED review without proper description or justification will be rejected. FED is responsible for determining whether a change order is eligible for SRF funds.

FED Procedures and Guidelines

In order for change order to be approved by the FED Project Manager, the Recipient must present all relevant information in the required format for FED review. The Change Order Form is included in the front end documents and is updated periodically with the front end document sets. Check the FED Construction website periodically for the latest versions. In addition to the Change Order Form, the Recipient must provide any supplemental or back up documentation that delineates the importance of the change and its conformance with SRF program goals. This supplemental information often includes additional or altered plans and specifications, field photos, adjusted vendor quotes, etc.

Change Order Forms and Publications




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