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  • Step 1 Guidance
  • Step 2 Guidance
  • Step 3 Guidance
  • Median Household Income or MHI amounts: These are the Median Household Income or MHI amounts that will be used for all  construction loans issued off the DWSRF Project Priority List beginning with FY16, all new water planning loans and all FY15 projects whose Step III funding application was received after July 1, 2016.

Fact Sheets


DW and CW Project Leads use the following checklists to determine which documents or approvals are necessary to move the loan from development to internal approval to external approval. Some of the documents listed in the checklists are internal documents, so if there are questions, please contact the Project Leads directly.

DW Step 1
DW Step 2
DW Step 3
DW Amendment

CW Step 1
CW Step 2
CW Step 3
CW Amendment

Loan Information


Environmental Review

Final Design

  • None


DWSRF Program Guidance Documents- these documents now live here.