Trainings & Workshops

Pollution Prevention and Toxics Use Reduction Conference

October 31, 2019 | 10:00 am - 3:00pm

VA Medical Center, 163 Veterans Drive, White River Junction

We had a great day of information exchange, success stories, training, networking and resources to help Vermont facilities find opportunities to reduce the use of toxic chemicals and generate less hazardous waste. See the conference webpage for presentations.

And stayed tuned for news of the 2020 Pollution Prevention and Toxics Use Reduction Conference.


Online Training - Hazardous Waste Basics

What is hazardous waste? Do I generate hazardous waste? How can I dispose of it? How can I avoid generating hazardous waste?

Get answers to these questions about hazardous waste management, storage, and disposal. Many industries generate hazardous wastes, including automotive, manufacturing, healthcare and dentistry, woodworking, schools, construction, and others. If you have worked with hazardous waste before, this is a great refresher. If you are new to hazardous waste, or aren't sure what applies to you, our short tutorial Hazardous Waste Basics for Conditionally Exempt Generators (CEGs): A guide for small businesses, municipalities, and others is a great place to start.


Environmental Data Tracking and Reporting Workshop

July 31, 2019, 1:00-3:00pm, Montpelier

Learn how to track your footprint and save!

Measuring your environmental footprint is the first step to reducing it. From waste, to energy, to water, there are many ways in which your business operations impact the environment, and your bottom line. Adopting a measurement system will help you identify areas of inefficiency and potential savings. This workshop is targeted towards businesses participating in the Sustainability Cohorts, but is open to everyone. Workshop held at State of Vermont, 1 National Life Dr., Davis 6 Calvin Coolidge Room, Montpelier.
Want to learn more? Contact Celia Riechel

Green Production Training Course

Are you a producer or manufacturer in Vermont? Interested in greening your operations? 

Registration closed. 

DEC is pleased to partner with the Community College of Vermont to offer a fully-subsidized six-week course in Green Production. The course, which follows the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council’s Green Production Certification curriculum, will be conducted online, with an in-person assessment that can be taken at any CCV location. The online discussion is also a great opportunity to learn from others taking the course.  The course is open to any Vermont business, with priority given to businesses participating in a sector-based Sustainability Cohort (in brewing, dairy products, and specialty foods) or that are part of the Vermont Green Business Program. The class is funded by an EPA Pollution Prevention grant. Course starts April 22.
To learn more about the course or to request registration, please contact Celia Riechel or call 802-477-2669.

Brewery Day 2018

Held February 6th in Montpelier

The Environmental Assistance Office of the Department of Environmental Conservation hosted the second annual Brewery Day on February 6, 2018.

See videos from the event :

Watch this video clip with VT DEC Staff on Brewery Day

For more information, contact: Celia Riechel

For more info on regulations and permits related to breweries, check out our Brewery Day Booklet (resources and important contacts) from Brewery Day 2017

Sustainable Dairy Products: Northeast Summit 

Held February 12, 2018 in Norwich, VT

The Environmental Assistance Office of the Department of Environmental Conservation co-hosted this event with the Northeast Waste Management Officials Association.

Sessions included:

  • Profiles in Sustainability
  • Innovative Sustainability Solutions
  • Ready to Grow?

Watch the Summit sessions from CATV.

For additional information about environmental sustainability in dairy processing, contact: Celia Riechel or 802-477-2669.

beer and cheese processingFood for Thought: An Environmental Compliance Outreach Series For Vermont's Food and Beverage Processing and Manufacturing Industry
The Environmental Assistance Office offered a no-cost lunch-time webinar series in August 2016.

Part 1 Food for Thought Webinar: Managing Solid Waste - Completed August 23, 2016
Overview, options and best practices for management of solid waste, recycling and organic waste at Vermont Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

Recorded webinar (45 min.)

Part 2 Food for Thought Webinar: Managing Liquid Waste - Completed August 24, 2016
Overview of best practices for managing high-strength wastewater at food & beverage processing facilities 

Recorded webinar (25 min.)

Part 3 Food for Thought Webinar: Managing Hazardous Waste - Completed August 25, 2016
Overview of Vermont's hazardous waste regulations geared for businesses that manufacture or process food and beverages

Recorded webinar (32 min.)