The Vermont Green Brewery Cohort

Green Brewery Cohort

What is the Vermont Green Brewery Cohort and What are the Requirements?

Join a small community of brewers working to achieve sustainability throughout their brewing operations. From energy to waste water, we will look for innovative solutions that save you money and reduce your impact.

  • Commit to a minimum of 5% reduction in energy use by 2020
  • Join the Vermont Green Business Program within one calendar year from joining the cohort
  • In coordination with Efficiency VT and VGBP, submit, upon entering the program and after one year, metrics on environmental impact: waste generated and diverted, hazardous material generated, energy portfolio and usage, and water usage.


  • Regular communication and access to resources with DEC and Efficiency VT.
  • Cohort will meet quarterly, at one of the participant’s offices
  • Presentations from local resources on sustainability, and environmental compliance, with special attention to climate change-related initiatives
  • Discuss progress and roadblocks

Cohort Participants: Magic Hat Brewery, Mill River Brewery, Drop In Brewery, Hermit Thrush Brewery, 14th Star Brewery, Whetstone Brewery, and Northshire Brewery 

Interested in joining the Cohort? Call Celia Riechel at