Pollution Prevention Planning Forms

Pollution Prevention Plan Annual Progress Reports and fees - due annually by March 31st.  
The forms can be downloaded below.

2020 Annual Progress Report Forms:

Fee Calculation:

  •  $400.00 per toxic chemical.
  •  $400.00 per hazardous waste stream.
  •  Up to a maximum amount of:
  •  $2,000.00 per plan for Class A generators.
  •  $400.00 per plan for Class B generators.
  •  $2,000.00 per plan for large users.
  •  $4,000.00 per plan for Class A generators that are large users.
  •  $1,200.00 per plan for Class B generators that are large users. 

Pollution Prevention Plans are due every 3 years by July 1st.

Updated plans will be due July 1, 2023.

If you are a new planner, contact us to set up a schedule for completion of your plan.

2020 Pollution Prevention Plan Guidance and Worksheets:


Michael Nucci at (802) 522-0287 michael.nucci@vermont.gov
Cindy Grimes at (802) 522-0307 cindy.grimes@vermont.gov
or Anna Bourakovsky at (802) 477-2981 anna.bourakovsky@vermont.gov