Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence

Governor Phil Scott

The Vermont Governor's Awards were established in 1993 to recognize the actions taken by Vermonters to conserve and protect natural resources, prevent pollution, and promote environmental sustainability. To date, more than 200 award-winning efforts of Vermont individuals, organizations, institutions, public agencies, and businesses have been recognized. These projects contribute significantly to protecting the environment, conserving energy and reducing the production of greenhouse gases. Together they have created a green and sustainable business culture, and advanced environmental education on all fronts.

Past Award Recipients

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Congratulations to the 2019 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence Recipients!


Alchemist Brewery made a major investment in a three-phase solar installation project at their facilities in Stowe and Waterbury. Solar production at the Stowe facility produces half the electricity consumed onsite, while electricity production at the Waterbury facility exceeds consumption and excess solar credits are donated to the local senior center.

Burton Snowboards

Burton Snowboards made a public commitment to eliminate perfluorinated compound-based durable water repellent (PFCs) from its products by 2020, aligned with their Fall 2021/Winter 2022 product line. Through this work, Burton no longer uses any perfluorinated compounds in their outerwear products, eliminating 6 tons of PFCs each year.


Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace installed a hybrid chiller as part of its metal plating and manufacturing process. These changes saved 1.5 million gallons of water, reducing the amount of water cycled from Lake Champlain and treated as part of the local water district’s processes.

GE Aviation Rutland

GE Aviation Rutland utilized conductivity probes and modulating flow valves to significantly reduce water consumption in the rinse tank processes. By finding a successful replacement for the old manual valve process, the company was able to cut water usage by 50 percent on the first two of thirteen tanks at the facility.


2018 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence Recipients


Alchemist installed a multi-million-dollar moving-bed biofilm reactor, pre-treatment waste water system. This system is highly efficient and ensures that less than 1 lb of BOD goes down the drain each day— less than an average household.


Downstreet developed an affordable housing property in Downtown Barre, which is a certified National Green Building with access to transportation. By choosing efficient equipment, they will achieve annual savings of 128,000 gallons of water and 35,000 lbs of carbon emissions resulting from reduced electrical load and thermal shell performance.

Global Foundries

Transitioned part of their manufacturing process from wet processing to dry processing. This resulted in reduced use of corrosive and toxic chemicals and saves 6.5 million gallons of water, and 352,414 kwh per year.


Vermont Coffee Company

Vermont Coffee Company installed over $1 million in new, efficient equipment and switched from propane to renewable natural gas and Cow Power making it the first U.S. coffee company to use 100% renewable biogas to roast its coffee.


Village of Essex Jct

Undertook a $15.4 million dollar refurbishment project of their WW treatment facility, making a series of improvements to enhance efficiency and sustainability, including installing 150 kw of solar, a geothermal well, solar heating wall panels, and a methane combined heat and power system.


2017 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence Recipients

Agri-Mark - Middlebury

The highlighted project assessed and optimized the energy usage required to make compressed air, identified and fixed compressed air leaks and improved overall efficiencies in plant-wide compressed air usage.

City Market

City Market’s South End expansion project is an innovative land use and planning project that supports economic development, provides multiple environmental benefits and serves a critical need for local residents.

Global Foundries

This project focused on reducing chemical usage and costs while increasing manufacturing productivity in the Chemical Mechanical Polish Operation.

GS Precision

GS Precision worked with a vendor to develop a less volatile parts washer blend which resulted in reduced air emissions and chemical purchases.

Lewis Creek Association

The Ahead of the Storm project combines data collection, planning, implementation and education to help communities change the way stormwater is managed.

Maple Grove Farms

In 2014, Maple Grove Farms began a 5-year project to reach a waste reduction goal of 92% diversion from the landfill. In 2016, a diversion rate of 92% was reached two years ahead of schedule.

Mt. Tabor/Danby Historical Society

Inspired by old photos of tree-lined streets in town, the Mt. Tabor/Danby Historical Society embarked on a project to restore shade trees in the two towns . Working with town officials, landowners and a local nursery, 12 trees were planted in 2016 with up to 40 more planned for the next two years.

Teens Reaching Youth (TRY) for the Environment – Food Systems Program

This partnership between UVM Extension 4-H and the Youth Agricultural Project trained teen agers and adult mentors to teach over 300 students in grades 3-5 about the food system, soil, seeds, pollinators, climate change and jobs.


Select completed an innovative reconstruction and renovation of a historic building in Burlington, exceeding required standards and taking a progressive approach to design and sustainable processes.

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