Upcoming Lean Events

Lean Projects

DEC undertakes Lean projects on a rolling basis as opportunities for improvement are identified. Events last anywhere from three hours to five days depending on the scope and complexity of the process being analyzed. Below is a listing of currently scheduled process improvement events.

November 2017 

  • Discharge Monitoring Reporting
  • Ecosystem Restoration Granting Process
  • Agricultural Enforcement

    December 2017

    • Clean Water Project Prioritization
    • Agency Internships

    Performance and Process Improvement Training

    DEC partners with the Center for Achievement in Public Service to provide staff at all levels with the training and skills necessary to help spread and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.  Currently, three different levels of training are offered periodically throughout the year.  All courses are available to State of Vermont Employees.

    White Belt: Introduces the principles, philosophy, and tools of continuous improvement; will acquaint attendees with the Lean and RBA methodologies and provide an understanding for application of Lean and RBA tools in the workplace. Required to move to yellow belt.

    Yellow Belt: Hands-on learning and application of Lean and Results Based Accountability (RBA) techniques and thinking. In a project team environment, participants will work to improve a theoretical work process and construct an implementation plan to enact the improvements. Required to move to green belt.

    Green Belt: Developing the skills necessary to guide a group through an improvement project and act as a change agent within an organization. Curriculum will prepare participants for the multi-level responsibility of strategically applying Lean and RBA tools, guiding projects from charter to implementation, identifying new project opportunities linked with organizational goals, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Upon completion, participants will have the ability to utilize Lean and RBA tools with minimal assistance, facilitate events, and train and educate others about Lean and RBA concepts.  Post-requisite: On an annual basis, EITHER complete two or more self-directed improvement projects or facilitate a tool deployment/mini-lean/kaizen event with a team.