Facilities Engineering Division

The Facilities Engineering Division administers state and federal pollution control funding programs, assists municipalities through the planning and construction of pollution control projects, provides fund administration for other Department of Environmental Conservation grant and loan programs, and provides project engineering and implementation services to the Agency for a variety of projects, including construction and maintenance of state park facilities, fish culture stations, access areas, and dams. The Division also operates the Dam Safety Program, which carries out inspections of non-power dams and the review of plans for dam construction or alteration.

The Agency Facilities Section provides engineering and project implementation services to the Agency’s three departments for a variety of construction and maintenance projects, including fish hatcheries, access areas, state park facilities, and dams.

The Dam Safety Section manages the Department’s State Dam Safety Program, operates, maintains, and periodically inspects the Winooski Valley Flood Control Dams and the Agency’s other 89 dams. The section operates a permit program for construction and alteration of non-hydroelectric dams (the Public Service Board regulates hydroelectric dams), a dam registration program, and a revolving loan fund for unsafe dams. The section inspects other dams (owned by other agencies, municipalities, and private individuals) on a resources-available basis, maintains an inventory of dams, and provides dam safety information to dam owners and operators.

The Design Section assists and directs municipalities through the planning and design phases for wastewater collection system and treatment facility construction or upgrade projects and for combined sewer overflow abatement projects.

The Construction Section performs construction phase technical and administrative overview functions for water supply and pollution control facilities projects.

The Financial Management and Project Development Section processes water infrastructure grant and loan awards and payments for pollution control projects and drinking water projects. This section also manages many of the administrative and financial programmatic elements of these two funding programs and provides technical assistance to loan and grant recipients to advance projects from the conceptual stage to construction.