Stormwater Rule 2018 Update


Vermont DEC is developing a new Stormwater Management Rule.  This rule will cover all Stormwater permitting programs, including operational and NPDES-based programs.  Adoption of the rule, and associated general permits, are required by Act 64 (the Vermont Clean Water Act), and are an important component of the Lake Champlain TMDL Accountability Framework. 

Draft Stormwater Rule

Relationship of the Stormwater Rule and the “Three-Acre General Permit”

In addition to adopting a new rule, DEC is required to adopt a general permit for stormwater from so-called “three-acre sites” -existing sites with three or more acres of impervious surface that lack a stormwater permit based on the 2002 Stormwater Management Manual.  The proposed rule will include standards applicable to this general permit, as well as all stormwater permitting.  The Department will proceed to adopt the three-acre general permit once the rule is finalized. 

Timing of the Stormwater Rule and Public Input

The pre-rule process commences in July of 2018 by filing the proposed rule with the Interagency Committee on Administrative Rules (ICAR).  This will be followed by a public meeting and comment period prior to filing the completed rule. A detailed summary of the rulemaking process is available at the Vermont Secretary of State’s website at

Stormwater Rule Timeline

Filing proposed rule with ICAR: July 9, 2018

Public Comment Period: Date TBD

Public Meeting: Montpelier location, date, and time TBD


DEC’s Stormwater Program welcomes your input on the proposed rule.  Given the scope of the rule, we expect an extended public comment period (approximately 60 days).  Formal comments may be submitted during the comment period.  In addition, we are interested in discussing any questions or areas of interest to you on the draft rule.  Questions or inquiries should be directed to Padraic Monks, Stormwater Program Manager, at or (802) 490-6169.

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