Shoreland Application Resources

It is strongly recommended that applications be submitted at least 45 days before the proposed beginning date of the project. If you are unsure as to whether your project requires a Shoreland Permit, Shoreland Registration, or is an exempt activity, please fill out the shoreland project worksheet.

Shoreland Registration Application                    Shoreland Permit Application Instructions

Shoreland Permit Application

Shoreland Permit Jurisdictional Determination Request 

Some shoreland projects will require the installation of best management practices to meet the standards of the Shoreland Protection Act. Best management practices are implemented to address erosion, establish shoreline vegetation, and to manage stormwater runoff. 

Fee Schedule

The appropriate application fees, pursuant to 3 V.S.A. Section 2822(j) (32), are listed below:

Shoreland Permit Fees
Description Fee
Registration Application $100

Permit Application

Administrative Fee

Impervious Surface Area



$0.50 per square foot

Example: Total Impervious Surface is 100 sq feet. Impervious Surface Fee = $50.00. Total application fee = $175.00


Additional Application and Lakeshore Management Resources

The Vermont ANR Natural Resources Atlas is an online mapping tool that allows a user to zoom into an area of interest to view map layers and use tools to analyze a site. Shoreland permit applicants may find the Atlas useful to screen the parcel of interest for features such as wetlands or to use the measurement tool to calculate cleared areas or distances from mean water level. 


A Guide to Healthy Lakes Using  Lakeshore Landscaping               The Shoreline Stabilization Handbook

The Vegetation Protection Standards, established by the Shoreland Protection Act, guide the management of vegetation within 250 feet from mean water level (the Protected Shoreland Area). Usually, removal of vegetation requires a Shoreland Permit or Registration. However, no Shoreland Permit or Registration is required for the removal of dead, diseased, or unsafe trees nor is a permit required for the removal of noxious and nuisance plants. Regional Lake and Shoreland permit analysts are available to assist with vegetation management questions. 

The Vermont Shoreland Protection Act Handbook & Appendices

The Vermont Shoreland Protection Act: A Handbook for Shoreland Development


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