Vermont Subsurface Agricultural Tile Drainage Report (January 2017)

Vermont Clean Water Initiative 2016 Investment Report (December 2016)

Act 138 Report - Water Quality Remediation, Implementation and Funding Report (January 2013)

Part I: Clean Water Needs, Financial Tools, and Administration
Part II: Lake Shoreland Protection and Restoration Management Options

Act 97 Report - What is the Clean Water Initiative(November 2014)

Vermont Nonpoint Source Management Program

The Vermont NPS Management Program is a document that has been prepared by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in fulfillment of a federal requirement. The document, which updates earlier versions of the Vermont Nonpoint Source Management Program, contains the key components the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, requires for states to remain eligible for continued Section 319 grant funding to combat eligible types or sources of nonpoint source pollution.  DEC considers the Nonpoint Source Management Program document to be consistent with the implementation plan associated with the phosphorus-based Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) being prepared by EPA for the Vermont portion of Lake Champlain and its drainage basin.

Vermont Nonpoint Source Management Program

Appendices to the Vermont Nonpoint Source Management Program

EPA Region 1 approval letter