Clean Water Vermont Projects

The Clean Water Initiative Program coordinates priority projects to restore Vermont’s rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and wetlands. Each project is designed to eliminate nonpoint source pollution, often referred to as polluted runoff and erosion. Runoff and erosion is caused by rain and snowmelt that carry sediment, nutrients, and other pollutants from neighborhoods, parking lots, office buildings, roads, farms, and logging areas into our waterways.

To support these high priority projects, each year the Clean Water Initiative Program awards approximately 50-60 grants, totaling approximately $3-4 million. The Clean Water Fund, established in June 2015 with the passage of the Vermont Clean Water Act (Act 64), augments these funds. Funds awarded are summarized by State Fiscal Year below. Funds awarded in 2016 and 2017 include Clean Water Fund dollars in addition to Capital Fund dollars. Clean Water Initiative Program accomplishments are summarized in the programs’ annual reports.

2013 Projects Awarded
2014 Projects Awarded
2015 Projects Awarded
2016 Projects Awarded

Coming Soon – A New Project Portal!

The Clean Water Initiative Program is in the process of enhancing our project tracking! This will improve the public’s access to information about the projects we fund. Users will be able to explore our clean water projects through an online project portal that will include a searchable database and interactive map – stay tuned!