Groundwater Reclassification

The VT Groundwater Protection Rule and Strategy is currently under revision. When a new draft is available for public comment, it will be posted here. The purpose of this Rule and Strategy is: to establish classes of groundwater; a process for groundwater reclassification; standards for groundwater quality protection, and to ensure that DEC regulatory programs protect groundwater resources.

Groundwater Protection Rule & Strategy

Groundwater Coordinating Committee

It is the policy of the state that the groundwater resources of the state are held in trust for the public. The state shall manage its groundwater resources for the benefit of citizens who hold and share rights in such waters.

The Vermont Groundwater Coordinating Committee (GWCC) was established by the General Assembly as part of a developing comprehensive groundwater management program to protect the quality of groundwater resources.  The secretary established the GWCC with representation from the Departments of Agriculture, Food and Markets, Forests, Parks and Recreation, and Health to provide advice in the development of the program and its implementation. In carrying out his or her duties the secretary gives due consideration to the recommendations of the Groundwater Coordinating Committee. The secretary may request representatives of other agencies and the private sector to serve on the groundwater coordinating committee.

Statutory responsibility of the GWCC is in Title 10, Chapter 48 §1392.   

The current Chair of the GWCC is Scott Stewart, DWGWPD Hydrogeologist with Kasey Kathan, WMPD Hydrologist as Co-Chair.

The committee meets monthly. The GWCC meetings are open to the public. See below for dates or contact Scott Stewart  or Kasey Kathan to inquire about dates, times, and locations for meetings.

GWCC Meeting Schedule

June 23, 2016 - 1:00 to 4:00 PM

July 20, 2016  -1:00 to 4:00 PM

Both meetings at: ANR Annex Building 190 Junction Rd, Berlin, VT 05602