Fees, Applications and Permits

Various certifications and permits required by either state or federal rules and regulations. Permits for various wastewater and drinking water programs are linked below along with certifications and licenses for individuals.


  • Source Water Permitting - for a new source, hydrofracturing or deepening of an existing source, or any increase in withdrawal of an existing source.
  • Permit to Construct - is required for any existing public water system making improvements, major repairs or expansion to their water system. In addition, all proposed new water systems are also required to obtain this permit.
  • Permit to Operate a Public Water System - All public water systems are required to have a Permit to Operate. It includes a description of the water system, findings from the most recent sanitary survey, conditions, requirements, violations and a compliance schedule to correct significant deficiencies. The Permit to Operate does not expire and are non-transferable when ownership changes.
  • Groundwater Withdrawal Permits
  • Indirect Discharge - Land-Based Indirect Discharge Sewage Permits
  • Underground Injection Control - Discharging certain non-sanitary waste into an opening in the ground
  • Wastewater and Potable Water Supply - Permitting through the Regional Office Program for soil-based wastewater and non-public water systems

Certifications and Licenses

Fees for drinking water and wastewater.