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Vermont Subsurface Agricultural Tile Drainage Report

31 January 2017

This report summarizes currently available tile drain research, the process the agencies used to solicit input and gather information on the current status of tile drainage in Vermont, a series of management options for tile drain management intended to mitigate adverse impacts to water quality, and recommendations for how to implement each option.

DRAFT Multi-Sector General Permit 3-9003 (MSGP) Public Notice

The draft Multi-Sector General Permit 3-9003 for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activities (MSGP) has been placed on public notice. The draft MSGP covers stormwater discharges from all industrial activities with Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes listed in Table D of the permit. Typical industries regulated by the MSGP include: sawmills, manufacturing operations, mining operations, metal fabrication, auto salvage yards, transportation and warehousing, wastewater treatment plants, and textile mills.

State Treasurer Releases Clean Water Report

17 January 2017

The Office of the State Treasurer, in partnership with the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Taxes, and other state agencies, submitted a report to the Legislature recommending how to fund water quality improvements in Vermont.

Natural Shoreland Erosion Control Certification Training

26 September 2016

This certification course will cover shoreland best management practices, including erosion control, stormwater management, and wildlife habitat protection. This course is geared for engineers, site workers, contractors and landscapers.


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