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Apply To Be A Vermont Green Links

A golf course that wants to be a member of the Vermont Green Links (VGL) program must meet eight environmental standards in resource conservation and waste reduction. They also must be in compliance with all applicable DEC regulatory requirements. These may include:

  • hazardous waste management
  • above ground and underground petroleum storage tanks
  • water supply
  • wastewater
  • solid waste management

Program representatives provide free technical assistance through an on-site visit and by phone.

To join:

Clean Marina Standards

Marinas receiving the Clean Marina designation must meet each of the standards below.  New initiatives are strongly encouraged for fulfilling these standards, whenever possible.   Businesses will be credited for recent or existing initiatives.

Designate an environmental team or representative at your facility to ensure the standards are met and new initiatives are developed.

Adopt and communicate an Environmental Policy statement.

Green Restaurants

The Green Restaurant designation recognizes Vermont's Environmental Leaders in the dining sector. The program Standards require that best management practices be achieved in energy efficiency, water and waste reduction, recycling, purchasing, and operations.  Technical assistance is provided in an on-site visit to help identify best management practices and with completing the application process.

Green Links

Golf course facilities, like many businesses, face environmental scrutiny – whether from government regulation or public perception. Becoming a “Vermont Green Links” course is an excellent way to communicate to golfers and the general public that your course goes the extra mile to protect the environment.

Green Hotels

The Green Hotel designation reflects a commitment to pollution prevention and exemplary environmental stewardship. The program is adminstered by the Environmental Assistance Office in partnership with the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC).

Green Grocery Environmental Leader

The Vermont Green Grocery Environmental Leader Program is a sector program of the Vermont Green Business Program. It is a NO-Cost, voluntary, environmental assistance and business recognition program offered by the Environmental Assistance Office of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation in partnership with the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC). The goals of the program are to improve environmental and economic performance and to promote public recognition of environmental excellenc

Clean Marinas


Vermont's Clean Marina (VCM) Program is a voluntary program designed to recognize marinas that are proactive in implementing environmental best management practices.  By becoming a "Clean Marina", you are effectively sending a clear message to boaters and to the general public that your marina goes the extra mile to safeguard Vermont's waterways.

Green Business

Businesses in the Green Mountain State have a reputation for being environmentally motivated. Becoming a Vermont Green Business is an excellent way to communicate that your organization shares this environmental ethic and backs it up in action and deed.


Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) 

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