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Water Quality Monitoring Program Strategy 2011-2020

16 May 2015
The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation's Water Quality Monitoring Program Strategy: 2011 - 2020 (Updated May 2015). The Vermont Water Quality Monitoring Strategy (WQMS) has two primary purposes: (1) to describe the who, what, where, when and why of monitoring Vermont’s waters and (2) to work with our monitoring partners to provide additional information and communicate these results.

Water Quality Standards

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MAPP's Assessment and Listing Process is driven by Vermont's State Water Quality Standards. In 2014 the Watershed Management Division of the VT Department of Environmental Conservation completed a review and update of the Vermont Water Quality Standards. A triennial review of State water quality standards is required by the Clean Water Act.

Vermont Surface Water Management Strategy

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The Vermont Surface Water Management Strategy has been prepared to address pollutants and stressors that affect uses and values of Vermont Surface Waters. On this page you can access:

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure describes a set of practices and design principles that uses natural processes to manage the effects of urbanization on water.  The 2017 Vermont Stormwater Management Manual Rule and Design Guidance has been updated to incorporate more green infrastructure stormwater treatment practices into the treatment standards and design requireents for projects that require a state issued operational stormwater permit. 


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