invasive species

Vermont Invasive Patrollers

We need your help: Become a Vermont Invasive Patroller!

Early detection is vital to protecting Vermont’s water bodies from harmful invasive plants and animals.  With more than 800 lakes and ponds throughout the state, volunteers play a key role in our surveying efforts.  Vermont Invasive Patrollers (VIPs) monitor water bodies for new introductions of invasive species and report their findings to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Invasive Species Laws and Regulations

Aquatic Nuisance Species Control

The Watershed Management Division manages the Vermont Aquatic Nuisance Control Program. The goal of the Program is "to prevent or reduce the environmental and socio-economic impacts of nuisance (primarily non-native) aquatic plant and animal species." Many species are included in the Program; however, the priority species at this time are listed here.


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