Environmental Geology Reports, 1971-1975

The Environmental GeologyReport series are simplified versions of maps of bedrock and surficial materials, construction conditions, groundwater potential, solid waste disposal, sand and gravel reserves, and septic conditions. The series, developed for planning purposes, includes text and regional information.

Env Geology No 1: Geology for Environmental Planning in the Barre-Montpelier Region, Vermont, DP Stewart, 1971, 5 plates plus text 

Well Completion Reports Searchable Database

Vermont licensed well drillers have been required to submit well completion reports (well logs) to the state since 1966. Well tags have been required since 1986.

Please note: data contained here is only as accurate as what was submitted - many wells were completed before reporting was required; many reports have missing information, were recorded inaccurately or poorly located geographically. In some cases, the builder is listed as the owner. If a report cannot be found but you know the driller of a particular well, you may want to contact them directly.

Well Drillers Licensing and Reporting

The Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division licenses well drillers constructing wells in the State of Vermont, in addition to, maintains a database of wells drilled and their locations.


Groundwater Reclassification

The VT Groundwater Protection Rule and Strategy is currently under revision. When a new draft is available for public comment, it will be posted here. The purpose of this Rule and Strategy is: to establish classes of groundwater; a process for groundwater reclassification; standards for groundwater quality protection, and to ensure that DEC regulatory programs protect groundwater resources.

Groundwater Protection Rule & Strategy

Petroleum Clean-Up Fund

Established under the authority of 10 V.S.A Chapter 59 Section 1941, the Petroleum Cleanup Fund (PCF) was created to pay, subject to available funding, for certain uninsured costs for the cleanup and restoration of contaminated soil and groundwater caused by the releases of petroleum from aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs), and for the compensation of third party claims for injury and damage caused by such a release.


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