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Drinking Water and Ground Water Protection Division
Air Quality and Climate Division
Watershed Management Division
Waste Management and Prevention Division
Facilities Engineering Division
DEC Compliance and Enforcement Division


Natural Resources Board - Act 250 
Department of Fish and Wildlife
Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation 
Division of Fire Safety
Dept. of Commerce & Community Development
Department of Health 
Agency of Human Services
Agency of Transportation
Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets
Dept. of Liquor Control
Secretary of State
Department of Taxes
Dept. of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Admin. 
Federal Permits

Department of Environmental Conservation

Drinking Water and Ground Water Protection Division

1        Wastewater System & Potable Water Supply Permit
1.2    Underground Injection Permit
2        Land Subdivision Fact Sheet
3       Campground Permit
5       Extension of Sewer Lines
9       Indirect Discharge Permit
9.1   Indirect Discharge Permit: Land Application
11    Licensed Designer for Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permits
20    Bottled Water Permit
21    Permit to Operate a Water System
22    Public Water System Construction Permit
23    Public Community Water Source Approval
24    Public Water System Operator Certification
25    Reclassification of Ground Water
25.1    Interim Groundwater Withdrawal Permit
26    Well Driller Licensing

Air Quality and Climate Division

13    Approvals and Reviews Conducted by . . .
14    Construction Permit: Stationary Air Contaminant Sources
15    Operating Permit: Stationary Sources
16    Annual Registration: Stationary Sources
18    Air Pollution Control Permit: Open Burning

Watershed Management Division

6    Stormwater Permit Summary Sheet
6.1    Stormwater General Permits for Construction Sites
6.2    Stormwater Permit for New Development & Redevelopment
6.3    Renewal of Previously Permitted Stormwater Discharges
6.4    Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) for Discharges from Industrial Activities
6.5    Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit (MS4)
7.1    Discharge Permit: Municipal
7.2    Discharge Permit: Industrial
8    Discharge Permit: Pretreatment
10    Residual Management Certification
12    Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator Certification
27    Water Quality Certification
27.1    Snowmaking Rules
27.2    Water Quality Certification: Hydroelectric
28    Shoreland Encroachment Permit
28.1    Lake Shoreland Permit
29    Wetlands Conditional Use Determination
30    Aquatic Nuisance Control Permit
31    1272 Order
32    Stream Alterations/Stream Crossing Structures
32.1    Pond Construction
32.2    Mineral Prospecting Permit
32.3    Flood Hazard Permit

Waste Management and Prevention Division

Hazardous Materials Section
33    Underground Storage Tanks
33.2    Above Ground Storage Tanks
34    Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, Disposal Certificate
35    Waste Transportation (Hazardous or Solid)
36    Hazardous Waste Handler Site ID Form

Solid Waste Section
37    Certification of Storage & Transfer Facilities
39    Certification of Recycling Facilities
40    Certification of Lined Landfills
40.2    Solid Waste: Certification of Closed Landfills
41    Insignificant Waste Disposal Event
42    Certification of Redemption Centers
43    Certification of Composting Facilities
44    Categorical Certification of Disposal Facilities

Pollution Prevention
46    Pollution Prevention

Sites Management
46.2    Brownfields

Facilities Engineering Division

45    Dams
45.1    Municipal Pollution Control

DEC Compliance and Enforcement Division

46.1    Salvage Yards

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Other Permits/Licenses

Natural Resources Board - Land Use Panel of the Natural Resources Board (Act 250)

47    Act 250
47.1    Historic Sites (Division of Historic Preservation)
47.2    Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES)
47.3    Geology (Dept. Of Environmental Conservation)

Department of Fish and Wildlife

47.4    Protection of Endangered & Threatened Species
47.5    Obstructing Streams

Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation

48    Chip Harvesting and Utilization

Division of Fire Safety

49    Construction Permit - Fire Prevention and Building
49.1    Occupancy Permit - Fire Prevention and Building
50    Electrical Permit - Installation
50.1    Energizing Permit - Electrical
50.2    Plumbing Permit - Installation
50.3    Operating Certificate - Boiler and Pressure Vessel
See 49    Americans With Disabilities Act

Department of Commerce and Community Development

49.2    Mobile Home Park

Department of Health

51    Lodging Establishment License
51.1    Public Spas and Hot Tubs
52    Bakery License
53    Food Service Establishment License
53.1    Food Processing Establishments
54    Program for Asbestos Control
55    Lead Abatement
55.1    Lead Base Paint
56    Certification of Laboratories

Agency of Human Services

57    Child Care Facility Licensing
58    Residential Child Care Facilities
59    Licensing of Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes

Agency of Transportation

63    Signs - Private and State
64    Railroad Lands and Crossings
65    Airports
65.1    Off Airport Aerial Permit
66    Work in State Highway Right of Way
See 35    Waste Transportation (Hazardous or Solid)
68    Vermont Motor Vehicle Dealer License

Department of Motor Vehicles

69    License to Sell Diesel Fuel
70    License and a Bond to Sell Gasoline or Aviation Fuel

Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

71    Pesticides: Golf Course Permit
72    Pesticides: Right of Way Permit
73    Pesticides: Aerial Application Permit
74    Pesticides: Experimental Use Permit
75    Pesticides: A & B Dealer Licensing
75.1    Retail Sales of Class "C" Pesticides
75.2    Pesticides: Mosquito Larvicide Permit
76    Pesticides: Private Applicator Certification
77    Pesticides: Commercial Applicator Certification
78    Pesticides: Bird & Other Animal Control Permit
79    Nursery Dealers License & Nursery Inspection Certificate
80    Retail Sales of Meat & Poultry
81    Slaughterhouse and Meat/Poultry Handling
82    Retail Sales of Milk
83    Milk Handler's License
83.1    Milking Equipment Dealers License
84    Manufacture/Sale of Ice Cream/Frozen Dessert Products
85    Imitation Dairy Products Handler's License
87    Public Warehouse License
88    Weighing and Measuring Device
89    Licensing of Pet Merchants
89.1    Registration of Animal Shelters and Fairs
89.2    Licensing of Livestock Dealers

Department of Liquor Control

90    Malt & Vinous Beverage Licenses

Secretary of State

90.1    Registration of Business Names and Corporations
90.2    Office of Professional Regulation

Department of Taxes

91    Income Tax Withholding
92    Sales and Use Tax
93    Meals and Rooms Tax
94    Cigarettes and Tobacco
95    Malt & Vinous Beverage Tax

Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Admin.

96.1    Certificate of Need (Medical)

Federal Permits

97    Requirements for Work in Wetlands
98    Requirements for Work in Rivers and Streams
99    Requirements for Work in Lakes and Ponds
101    Historic Properties

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