VT Pollution Control Grants

Vermont Statutes allow for several types of Pollution Control Grants:

  • Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Grants (up to 25% of eligible costs)
  • Dry Weather Flow Abatement Grants (up to 35% of eligible costs)
  • Sludge and Septage Grants (up to 50% of eligible costs)

All projects in the CWSRF program are tracked for grant eligibilty.  Projects that are eligible are requested by the Department to be added to the Captial Bill.  In some circumstances the Department's recommendations may not be followed and projects may not appear in the Capital Bill.  In those instances, municipalities will need to pursue through their representation, initiatives to see that projects are added to the Capital Bill.  Grant monies are appropriated through this process and are not guaranteed as part of the Captial Bill.


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