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Mantle upwelling beneath New England - Rutgers University press release and National Geographic summary of Levin and others' paper: it's very deep, geologically young (up to ~60 millions of years old) and changing very slowly (millions of years).

Geoscience in Your State - Fact sheets from AGI, August 2017

VG2017-7 Springston, G., Landslide Inventory of Washington County, Central Vermont [ReportPlate 1 -Map]:Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2017-7  

VG2017-6 Springston G. and Dowey, C., Surficial Geologic Map of the Joes Pond Quadrangle, Vermont [ReportPlate 1]: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2017-6,  scale 1:24,000.

VG2017-5 Wright, S., Surficial Geology and Hydrogeology of the Town of Weathersfield, Vermont [ReportPlate 1 - Surficial MapPlate 2Plate 3Plate 4Plate 5]: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2017-5, scale 1:24,000.

Thompson, P. J., Gale, M., Laird, J. and Honsberger, I., 2011, Transect across the north-central Green Mountains from the carbonate shelf to ultramafic slivers in the Taconian subduction zone: in West, D.P., Jr., ed., Guidebook for field trips in Vermont and adjacent New York: New England Intercollegiate Geologic Conference Guidebook #103, Trip A1, p. 1-27.

The Future of Vermont's Drinking Water - 2017 conference presentations

Report a Landslide - fill out an online form to help us locate landslides in Vermont

Recently released open file reports, updated August 2017

Maps and reports for Bennington, VT

VG2017-2 Thompson, P. J., and Thompson, T. B., 2017, Bedrock Geologic Map of the Mount Mansfield 7.5 Minute Quadrangle, Vermont: VGS Open File Report VG2017-2, (Plate 1 - MapPlates  2 - 3), scale 1:24,000. Supersedes VG99-3GIS Data.

VG98-2 Thompson, PJ and Thompson, TB, 1998, Digital bedrock geologic map of the Johnson quadrangle, Vermont: VGS Open-File Report VG98-2, 2 plates, scale 1:24000. GIS Data. (Reformatted 2017)

VG99-1 Compilation bedrock geologic map of the Jay Peak quadrangle, Compiled by B. Doolan, 1999: VGS Open-File Report VG99-1, 1 plate, scale 1:24000. (Reformatted 2017)

VG95-6A Stanley, RS, Walsh, G, Tauvers, PR, DiPietro, JA, and DelloRusso, V, 1995, Digital compilation bedrock geologic map of the Mt. Ellen quadrangle, Vermont: VGS Open-File Report VG95-6A, 2 plates, scale 1:24000. GIS data. (Reformatted 2017)

Current projects (2016-2018)

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