Environmental Notice Bulletin

This bulletin provides the public with information about permits and certifications that are under consideration by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). It is updated weekly, and includes permit and certification applications from most DEC programs. A permit or certification application is included in the Bulletin each week while it is being processed, and for the appeal period following the final decision by DEC.  Other pages on which to view DEC Public Notifications are also available on this site; Act 250 permits may be searched for on the Agency of Natural Resources' site .

Information in the Bulletin

For each application, the Bulletin provides some basic information about the project, the type of permit requested, important dates in the permit process, and the name, phone number, and e-mail address of a DEC contact person who can provide additional information. Of particular interest are the beginning and end of the public comment period (for those programs that have public comment requirements), and the date of the public meeting (if one is scheduled). Further information about how to request a public hearing or meeting and other public comment opportunities, including the location and time of any scheduled public meetings, may be obtained from the DEC contact person listed for that permit.

More detailed information on DEC and other state permit programs is contained in the DEC Permit Information Summary and in the Vermont Permit Handbook which is available on the web. 

Using the Environmental Notice Bulletin

Searching the Bulletin by Town or County provides a list of most DEC permitting programs’ applications currently under consideration in that town or county. Projects are further sorted by Project Number, also known as Project Identification Number, or PIN. A unique PIN is assigned to each project or facility and is used by all Department programs as an identifier. Multiple identical PIN listings for the same project show all the permits or certifications that are currently under consideration for that specific project. The Town listing also includes “Statewide” and “Multiple Towns” as choices. Generally, the “Statewide” search will list current permits that apply statewide. The “Multiple Towns” search will list current permits that have activities taking place in more than two towns. Searching by Permit or Certification Program shows all applications under consideration by that program throughout the state. These applications are further sorted by town and project number. Information on each permit or certificate application can be accessed by clicking on the applicant name listed on the Town, County or Program search results page.

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