Stormwater Rule 2017 Update

14 August 2017

DEC is required to adopt an updated Stormwater Management Rule by January 1, 2018.  This rule will cover all Stormwater permitting programs, including operational and NPDES-based programs.  Adoption of the rule, and associated general permits, are required by Act 64 (the Vermont Clean Water Act), and are an important component of the Lake Champlain TMDL Accountability Framework.

In advance of filing the proposed rule, and to provide an extended opportunity for consideration of the proposal and for public input, DEC is providing the Stormwater Rule: 2017 Update covering a set of “major topics” on which we are seeking input, and that will be the subject of our August 24th meeting.  Additional future meetings are likely, with the schedule to be determined.

We will seek to commence the formal rule making process early in the fall, at which time a copy of the proposed rule will be available for review.  The rule process itself includes a formal public comment period and public hearing. 

We welcome your input and are available to discuss areas of interest to you at other times, please reach out to us if you’d like to arrange a time to discuss.  Pre-rulemaking questions, or inquiries should be directed to Padraic Monks, Stormwater Program Manager, at or (802) 490-6169.  We do request that feedback you’d like us to consider on the attached document be provided in writing.

Finally, the remainder of 2017 will be busy from a stormwater regulation adoption standpoint, and we appreciate that there is a lot to keep track of.  For your planning we offer the following approximate time frame for our release of the forthcoming rule and general permits:

  • Stormwater Rule
    • Pre-Rule input: now through September 2017 
    • Formal Rule Process: October until early 2018
  • Operational GP (including “3-acre sites”)
    • Draft for public comment October 2017
    • Final GP early 2018
  • Municipal Roads GP
    • Draft for public comment August 2017
    • Final GP December 2017
  • MSGP
    • Already been on public notice
    • Final GP pending deployment of required NPDES eDMR system
  • MS4 GP
    • Draft for public comment October 2017
    • Final GP December 2017