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12/27/2017: VGS is updating/upgrading water well location data for 7 counties in 2017 - 2019.

12/21/2017: A mild (2.3) earthquake was reported by the USGS at 11:34 pm on December 20 (or in UTC time, December 21 at 4:34 am) and was felt by people in the White River Junction area. Although earthquakes are not common in Vermont, they do occur here and people should be prepared to drop, cover and hold on during a seismic event. For more information, visit our earthquake page or the USGS. Maine has a good faq page for earthquakes in New England.

Mantle upwelling beneath New England - Rutgers University press release and National Geographic summary of Levin and others' paper: it's very deep, geologically young (up to ~60 millions of years old) and changing very slowly (millions of years).

Geoscience in Your State - Fact sheets from AGI, August 2017

VG2017-7 Springston, G., Landslide Inventory of Washington County, Central Vermont [ReportPlate 1 -Map]:Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2017-7

The Future of Vermont's Drinking Water - 2017 conference presentations

Report a Landslide - fill out an online form to help us locate landslides in Vermont

Recently released open file reports, updated December 2017

Maps and reports for Bennington, VT

VG2017-2 Thompson, P. J., and Thompson, T. B., 2017, Bedrock Geologic Map of the Mount Mansfield 7.5 Minute Quadrangle, Vermont: VGS Open File Report VG2017-2, (Plate 1 - MapPlates  2 - 3), scale 1:24,000. Supersedes VG99-3GIS Data.

VG98-2 Thompson, PJ and Thompson, TB, 1998, Digital bedrock geologic map of the Johnson quadrangle, Vermont: VGS Open-File Report VG98-2, 2 plates, scale 1:24000. GIS Data. (Reformatted 2017)

VG99-1 Compilation bedrock geologic map of the Jay Peak quadrangle, Compiled by B. Doolan, 1999: VGS Open-File Report VG99-1, 1 plate, scale 1:24000. (Reformatted 2017)

Current projects (2016-2018)

View the complete list of current mapping, hazards, and groundwater projects.

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