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April 2017: Vincett III, W. K., Hazebrouck, G.D. and Wright, S. F., Glacial history of the Black River and North Branch Valleys, Weathersfield, Vermont

Vermont Open Geodata Portal:  All VGS Open File Report GIS data is now available as zipped shapefiles with a pdf(s) included for reference

VGTR2007-1: Springston, G, 2007, Report on streambank stability assessment techniques: Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR2007-1. 

October 2016 - Van Hoesen and others, 2016, Final Report summarizing the efficacy of GIS-based modeling of landslide susceptibility, Addison County, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Technical Report VGTR2016-1. 

Recently released open file reports

VG2017-2 Thompson, P. J., and Thompson, T. B., 2017, Bedrock Geologic Map of the Mount Mansfield 7.5 Minute Quadrangle, Vermont: VGS Open-File Report VG2017-2, (Plates 1 - 3), scale 1:24,000. Supersedes VG99-3. GIS Data.

VG2017-1 DeSimone, D. J., 2017, Surficial Geology of the Bennington Area, Vermont: VGS Open File report VG2017-1, (Plates 1 - 3), scale 1:12,000. GIS Data.

VG2016-1 Springston, G., Kim, J., Gale. M. and Thomas, E., 2016, Geology and hydrogeology of the Town of Calais, Vermont: VGS Open File report VG2016-1, 8 color plates, scale 1:24,000. (Map Plates 1 &2,  Map Plates 3&4, Map Plates 5-8)

VG16-2  VanHoesen, John, 2016, Surficial geology and hydrogeology of Monkton, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2016-2, text plus 11 plates (plates 1-5, plates 6-11) and GIS (geodatabase).

VG2016-3 Springston, George, 2016, Surficial geology and hydrogeology of the Cabot 7 1/2 minute quadrangle, Vermont: [ ReportMap plates 1-3Map plates 4-6Map plates 7-9 and GIS (geodatabase)Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2016-3, text plus 9 plates.

VG2016-4 Springston, G., 2016, Final report on a landslide inventory of the Town of Highgate, Vermont [ReportMap Plates 1-2Map plates 3-4Map plates 5-6]: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2016-4, text plus 6 plates, scale 24,000.

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