Preliminary Engineering Reports

Preliminary Engineering Reports

As of April 2013, HUD, USDA, and USEPA have adopted a jointly accepted Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) format. This format needs to be used on all FED funded Preliminary Engineering Reports, aka Facilities Plans. The PER outline and guidance are available in PDF or in MSWord. Use of this format will keep projects eligible for funding from CWSRF and if applicable, USDA RD and ACCD.

Life Cycle Cost Analyses

The new PER format requires a life cycle cost analysis for each alternative. This calculation requires the use of a discount rate. A link to the discount rate is included in the PER directions. NOTE: EPA no longer uses a separate discount rate as of 2016.

Cost and Effectiveness Analysis

For CWSRF Projects,WRRDA requires that each project have a "Cost and Effectiveness" Analysis performed. For Vermont projects, please discuss this in the PER along with the life cycle cost analysis for each alternative.

  • Cost and Effectiveness = (Life Cycle Cost Analysis Total + Present Value of the Future Replacement Cost)

Where this analysis is most helpful is looking at projects that might have very long term high O&M costs, relative to a similar project that has high capital costs and low long term O&M costs.

Fiscal Sustainability Plans

For CWSRF Projects,WRRDA requires that each project have a Fiscal Sustainability Plan. In Vermont we ask that this plan is developed as part of the the PER document for the preferred project. Templates are available on the FSP page.

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