SRF Guidance Documents

List of Guidance Documents

Table of SRF Guidance Documents
1 Priority List Applications- Eligible applicants must apply every year to the Project Priority List in order to access construciton loan funds.   Combined CW/DW
2 Priority List Development and Application Processing- Outlines the process SRF staff take to produce a draft and final list, and includes a description of the priority ranking system.   CW  DW
3 Fund Availability Notification- Notifies applicant that funds are available and outlines key deadlines for document submission   Combined CW/DW
4 Project Bypass Procedures- Details project bypass procedures used to meet state and/or federal funding requirements   Combined CW/DW
5 Loan Application- There is one loan application for all types of loan applicants and funding sources   Combined CW/DW
6 Loan Application Review and Approval- Process SRF staff used to process and approve a loan   Combined CW/DW
7 Municipal Authority to Execute Loans- Statutory reference that gives authority to Municipalities to enter into loan agreements   Combined CW/DW
8 Loan Eligibility- Outlines eligible loan costs includeing for system expansion, project management, admisitrative and legal fees, and system purchase   CW  DW
9 Engineering Allowance for DWSRF Projects- Procedures for engineering services agreements, engineering fee curve allowances, standard aand non-standard tasks   Combined CW/DW
10 Loan Term, Interest Rate, Administrative Fee Determination and Loan Repayments- Process for determining loan rate and terms   CW  DW
11 Median Household Income Determination- Outlines how the SRF programs determine MHI in a given community, including procedure for conducting an income survey   Combined CW/DW
12 Preliminary Engineering Report- SRF staff review procedures   Combined CW/DW
13 Annual Operation and Maintenance Costs, Equivalent Units and Existing Debt Annual- Outlines the three primary elements in determining the loan term and interest rate   DW
14 Project Cost Estimate Adjustments and Loan Amount Adjustments- Procedure for adjusting approved loan amounts   Combined CW/DW
15 Environmental Review- Procedure for review and approval of required Environmental Report/Environmental Information Document (ER/EI for all SRF funded construction projects   CW  DW
16 Emergency Projects- Procedure for placing a project on the priority list, thereby bypassing other projects   CW  DW
17 Archeological and Historic Properties Review- Reference to the MOU with the State Histroic Preservation Officer (SHPO) for review of archaeological and historic properties as part of the    Combined CW/DW
18 Project Design Review for Petroleum Contamination and Hazardous Waste Sites- Procedure for when petroleum contamination is involved at a site where SRF funds will be used   DW
19 Canadian Border Projects- Outlines procedures for funding projects that serve populations on both sides of the border   Combined CW/DW
20 5-Year Municipal Bond Construction Loans- Procedure for municipalities that want to authorize loan for a term 5 years or less and a value of less than $75,000   Combined CW/DW
21 Municipal Construction Loans less than $75,000 or Loan Increases less than $75,000- Statutory reference to municipalities' abilitiy to authorize loan increases and SRF review and approval of such actions   Combined CW/DW
22 Planning Loan Forgiveness- Procedure for forgiving planning loans to municipalities   DW
23 DWSRF Loan Capacity Reviews- Procedure for determining the technical, managerial and financial capacity of an entity that applies for a DWSRF loan   DW
24 School Loan Forgiveness- Procedure for forgiveness for municipally-owned school construction loans   DW
25 Procurement Guidelines- Procedure the Construction Engineering Section takes when bidding and procuring goods and services for projects using SRF funds   Combined CW/DW
26 Asset Management Plan and Forgiveness- Criteria for an acceptable Asset Management Plan and forgiveness    DW
27 Request for Qualifications   CW
28 Joint Funded Projects- USDA-RD and SRF   Combined CW/DW
29 American Iron and Steel   Combined CW/DW
30 Fiscal Sustainability Plan   CW


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