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  • MHI figures: These are the MHI figures that will be used for all  construction loans issued off the DWSRF Project Priority List beginning with FY16, all new water planning loans and all FY15 projects whose Step III funding application was received after July 1, 2016.

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DWSRF Program Guidance Documents

  1. Priority List Applications (Last Updated 6/8/2015)- Eligible public water systems must apply every year to the Project Priority List in order to access construction loan funds.
  2. Priority List Development and Application Processing (LU 6/8/2015)- Outlines the process DWSRF staff take to produce a draft and final list, and includes a description of the priority ranking system.
  3. Funds Availability Notification and Project Timeline (LU 6/18/2007)- Procedure for availability of funding and request for information, including a construction project timeline,
  4. Project Bypass Procedures (LU 6/18/2007)- Details project bypass procdures used to meet state and/or federal funding requirement or when a project does not meet required deadlines to make money available for projects lower on the list.
  5. Loan Application Forms (LU 7/26/2007)- The DWSRF program uses one standard funding application.
  6. Loan Application Revew and Approval (LU 11/19/2007)- Process DWSRF staff uses to process and approve a loan.
  7. Municipal Authority to Execute Loan Agreements (LU 11/19/2007)- Staturory references that gives authority to Municipalities to enter into loan agreements.
  8. Loan Eligibility (LU 1/24/2013)- Outlines eligible loan costs including for system expansion, project management, administrative and legal fees, and water system purchase.
  9. Engineering Allowance for DWSRF Projects (LU 1/24/2013)- Procedures for engineering services agreements, engineering fee curve allowances, standard and non-standard tasks.
  10. Loan Term, Interest Rate, Administrative Fee Determinations and Loan Repayments (LU 1/24/2013)- Process for determining loan rate and terms.
  11. Median Household Income Determination (LU 10/29/2012)- Outlines how the DWSRF program determines MHI in a given community, including procedures for conducting an income survey.
  12. Preliminary Engineering Report (LU 5/5/2008)- DWSRF staff review procedures.
  13. Annual Operation and Maintenance Costs, Equivalent Units, and Existing Debt (LU 6/18/2007)- Outlies the three primary elements in determining the loan term and interest rate.
  14. Project Costs Estimate Adjustments and Loan Amount Adjustments (LU 5/13/2008)- Procedure for adjusting approved loan amounts.
  15. Environmental Review (LU 1/24/2013)- Procedure for review and approval of required Environmental Report template for all DWSRF construction loan projects.
  16. Emergency Projects (LU 5/8/2008)- Procedure for placing a project on the priority list, thereby bypassing all other projects.
  17. Archaeological and Historic Properties Review (LU 1/24/2013)- Referece to the Memorandum of Understanding with the State Histroic Preservation Officer for review of archaeological and historic properties as part of the Environmental Report.
  18. Project Design Review for Petroleum Contamination and Hazardous Waste Sites (LU 10/31/2008)- Procedure for when petroleum contamination is involved at a site where DWSRF funds will be used.
  19. Canadian Border Projects (LU 1/21/2009)- This outlines procedures for funding water systems that serve populations on both sides of the border.
  20. 5-Year Municipal Construction Loans (LU 1/21/2009)- Procedure for municipalities that want to authorize loans for a terms 5 years or less and a value less than $75,000.
  21. Municipal Construction Loans for less than $75,000 or loan increases of less than $75,000 (LU 1/21/2009)- Statutory reference to municipalities' ability to authorize loan increases and DWSRF review and approval of such action.
  22. Planning Loan Forgiveness (Municipalities only) (LU4/25/2017)- Procedure for forgiving municipally-sponsored planning loans.
  23. DWSRF Loan Capacity Reviews (LU 7/10/2007)- Procedure for determining the technical, managerial and financial capacity of any entity that applies for a DWSRF loan.
  24. Loan Forgiveness for School Water Systems (LU 4/7/2009)- Procedure for construction loan forgiveness up to $25,000 for a municipally-owned school.
  25. Procurement Guidelines (LU 12/15/2010)- Procedure the Construction Engineering section takes when bidding and procuring goods and services funded with DWSRF money.
  26. Asset Management Plan Criteria and Forgiveness (LU 4/25/2017)- Criteria for an approved Asset Management Plan and associated loan forgiveness.


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